After life changes like pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, the natural effects of gravity, or after significant changes in weight, many women notice breast changes. Their breasts are no longer as perky as they once were. Sometimes when women look at their profile, they wish they could find a way to enhance that reflection. Today there is a type of breast lift procedure that San Antonio women have found to be incredibly helpful in restoring their profile into one that is younger looking.

This breast lift procedure is called mastopexy. It can be significantly helpful towards restoring a more youthful appearance and enhancing confidence. Breast lift procedures have become increasingly popular since about 2000, outpacing breast implant surgeries at a rate of two to one. It’s only natural for women to want to show the best body they’re capable of having to the world. If medical science can help to achieve this, that’s always a positive thing.

Ways To Get Ready for Your Procedure

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Connie Hiers is devoted to helping patients have the newly created body look they’ve dreamed of. Before the exciting day arrives for your mastopexy procedure, you’ll need to do a few things first to prepare. These steps include:

Laboratory Testing – Blood tests done before the procedure

Baseline Mammogram – You’ll want a mammogram done before your procedure so any future differences can be noted and documented

Avoid Aspirin – Don’t take aspirin or aspirin like products like ibuprofen before the procedure. This is to avoid any bleeding issues

Have a Driver – Have someone designated to drive you home after the procedure and to stay with you on your first night at home if possible

You may be able to see your incisions afterward, but over time any visible lines will normally fade and improve dramatically. Your sutures will usually be done in layers deep within the breast tissue to create a nicer profile and to support your newly transformed breasts.

Steps that Take Place During Your Mastopexy Procedure

When you choose to have the breast lift San Antonio women are relying on to give them an improved, younger looking profile and to put a new bounce in their step, there are some standard steps you’ll learn about beforehand. Your procedure should take about two hours, and here’s what will happen:

– Anesthesia – The first step is to undergo the anesthesia option you’ve talked over with Dr. Hiers so you’ll have the most positive experience

– Incisions – Next is making incisions to reach the underlying breast tissue

– Lifting and Reshaping – Tissue is lifted, reshaped and re-positioned to give you the best newly enhanced look possible. Excess skin may also be tightened

– Suturing Incisions – The final step after tightening

View Mastopexy Before & Afters below or click here to view more.

beast lift san antoniobeast lift san antonio

The exact way your procedure is done varies depending on your unique situation and body type. Why not schedule a consultation with your professional team today to talk over your exciting options? Soon you can be on your way to an improved profile and a more youthful look!

*Individual Results May Vary

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