With 30+ years of experience, Dr. Connie Hiers works with each patient to get visible, realistic results. Liposuction helps to slim and reshape problem areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and improving your body contours and proportion. Dr. Hiers’ recently visited Shelly on San Antonio Living to chat about personalized lipo, click below to view the video.

Awake Lipo vs. Traditional Lipo

Our liposuction options feature procedures designed to help slim and remove fat from many areas of your body. Depending on your preferences, we offer both the Awake Liposuction under Local anesthesia and Liposuction under General anesthesia.

Local anesthesia involves numbing a specific part of the body to prevent any feeling of pain during surgical procedures. An anesthetic drug – which has numbing effects – is applied to a certain part of the patient’s body.

General anesthesia involves numbing the whole body to prevent any feeling of pain during surgical procedures and induces loss of consciousness. A variety of medications may be administered, with the overall aim of ensuring unconsciousness.*

Areas Liposuction Can Help

Before & After Liposuction

View Before & Afters of our Liposuction procedures. To see more, visit our photo gallery here.


Interested in a liposuction procedure? Take advantage of our liposuction pricing special for May and June. Buy one area, get the second area half off. Schedule your consultation with our wonderful team today!

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 Offer Expires 06.30.17. Individual Results May Vary.