Looking to tighten the skin under your chin and on the front of your neck? A chin tuck may be the solution. This a simple, outpatient procedure works to tighten skin and helps to remove fat, restoring a natural, youthful look. Considering a chin tuck, but not sure what to expect? Let us help.


Before a chin tuck, your doctor may ask you to stop taking certain medications and herbs, including aspirin. This is just to further minimize the risks of an already very safe outpatient procedure. You should plan to take 5-10 days away from any strenuous work.

The Procedure

A chin tuck is usually performed under local anesthesia. It involves a small incision and several sutures – the location varies for men and women. The surgeon will remove fat and tighten skin in the treated area. The main risk of having a chin tuck performed is bleeding. A collection of blood, known as a hematoma, can develop, but the risk is fairly minimal. Our staff is well experienced in the procedure and will make sure your experience is safe and as comfortable as possible.


Welcome to a fresher, younger looking face! Your skin will feel tighter and your features will be lifted. Chin tucks come with minimal side effects, but the dressing does apply pressure to the area, which may cause bruising and swelling within the first 10-14 days. Fortunately, our well-trained and experienced staff will work with you to minimize these aftereffects. You should be able to return to normal activity within two weeks.

To learn more about chin tucks and the associated risks, read testimonials and view before and after photos, click here.

Still wondering if a chin tuck is right for you? Our caring staff is happy to answer any questions. We’d love to help you find your beautiful.
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