According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2015 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report

As an incredibly common surgical procedure, breast augmentation is a popular choice for women who want to increase the fullness and projection of their breasts, improve the balance of their figure and enhance their self-image and confidence.

If you are considering breast implants but have been inconclusive about your final decision, take an in-depth look at what to expect. The trusted staff at Hiers Plastic Surgery has compiled some beneficial notes to prepare you for surgery as well as a few tips on managing expectations.





Managing Expectations

Breast augmentation is a major step for most women, and often a positive one. Studies have shown that breast implants can help boost self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfaction.

Body image issues can be emotionally painful for some and may be interwoven with breast augmentation. Dr. Hiers is focused on treating patients that want to feel better about themselves with realistic expectations about what surgery can provide.

After weighing the options, if you choose to have breast augmentation surgery, be sure to select a board certified surgeon with extensive experience performing breast augmentation surgeries. Dr. Hiers has been practicing plastic surgery for 29 years, is board certified and prides herself on providing quality, custom care for her patients.

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