Abdominoplasty, or tummy tucks, are one of the most common types of plastic surgery. If you’re considering having a tummy tuck, it’s a good idea to know what you can expect from this procedure and how to make your surgery as smooth as possible.

What is a tummy tuck?

Tummy tucks are designed to make your stomach area smoother, thinner and firmer. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon removes fat and excess skin from the middle and lower areas of your stomach, which gives you both a thinner profile and stronger abdominal walls.

Tummy Tuck Front Angle

Tummy Tuck Before and After – Patient of Dr. Connie Hiers

What happens during my Tummy Tuck procedure?

Now that you know what is a tummy tuck, here’s what you can expect from the surgery.

Most patients receive a general anesthetic for an abdominoplasty procedure, which means you will be asleep during the surgery and unable to feel pain. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove fat and excess skin in the area from your belly button to your pubic area, either in an elliptical or horizontal shape. The incisions are typically made at the ‘bikini line,’ so that scars will be hidden by any clothing including a bikini.

The surgery itself usually takes around three hours. This surgery is considered an outpatient procedure, which means that you can go home the same day of your surgery, but some plastic surgeons may recommend an overnight stay in a hospital or aftercare facility following abdominoplasty.

How to prepare for a tummy tuck

Preoperative preparation is important for any successful procedure. Usually, preparing for this procedure begins up to a month before the actual surgery, when your plastic surgeon may recommend that you begin taking iron supplements. You may also be asked to take other vitamins, stop taking certain types of medications, and refrain from smoking in the weeks before your surgery.

Preparations for the night before the procedure may include:

Before you go for the procedure, you should also make sure that you have you bed prepared with multiple pillows and cushions to help with post-operative positioning.

Tummy tuck post care

After your procedure, you will need some post-care. Typically, your plastic surgeon will recommend 48 hours or more of minimal movement and strain. The incision will be covered with surgical dressing, and you may have some draining and bleeding for a few days after the surgery.

For at least six weeks following the procedure, you’ll wear an abdominal binder or compression garment to provide support during the healing process and help to prevent fluid buildup. You may also experience some pain and swelling during these six weeks, which can be controlled with pain medication. And you’ll have to limit movements such as bending and twisting.

Following the procedure, you should see sustained results. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently reported a high rate of sustained weight loss in people who underwent tummy tuck surgery.

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