Tummy Tucks

Excess weight in your abdomen may make you feel lousy about your figure. To reduce the fat in your stomach, Dr. Connie Hiers Plastic Surgery & Med Spa offers you our tummy tuck procedure. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a three to four-hour surgery performed by our highly qualified doctor Connie Hiers. This San Antonio cosmetic surgery involves the treatment of the stretched-out muscles of your lower abdomen. By removing the excess fat and tightening the loose skin, you can have your ideal body figure

Tummy Tuck | Dr. Connie Hiers

Expectations & Risks

  • 30-Minute Consultation
  • Three to Four-Hour Surgery
  • One to Two Drains Post-Surgery
  • Abdominal Binder
  • Approximately Six Follow-Up Visits



Due to the nature of this procedure, there are strict guidelines you must follow after the tummy tuck is performed. These guidelines include the avoidance of strenuous activities for the first six weeks, avoidance of tanning and smoking, and use of scar products. Dr. Connie Hiers provides you a more detailed explanation during your consultation.


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