Fat Transfer

Fat transfer utilizes your own fat to help bring youthfulness and shape to other areas of your body.

Dr. Connie Hiers Plast Surgery & Med Spa can harvest excess fat from areas of your body you would like to reduce using Awake Lipo. After preparation, the fat can be injected elsewhere-face, breasts, buttocks or hands.

Fat Transfer might be the perfect treatment for you

Facial contouring – Over time, the fat in our faces moves downward, leaving a thin or saggy appearance. Fat transfer to the area just beneath the skin creates a lasting youthful, fuller appearance. Treatable facial areas include: temples, cheeks, marionette lines, laugh lines, under eyes, jaw line, cheeks, and scars due to acne or surgery.

Chin Augmentation – Fat Transfer can correct small or underdeveloped chins without synthetic chin implant surgery. This procedure strengthens the facial profile and brings a better balance to the facial features.

Breast Augmentation – Breast augmentation via fat transfer gives the breasts a natural look and feel with permanent results.

Hand Rejuvenation – Fat transfer or the use of dermal fillers to the hands can eliminate the bony, veiny appearance that comes with age.

The benefits of choosing Fat Transfer include:

  • Highest Standards of Safety– no general anesthesia, patient is awake
  • Minimal Downtime– on average 1 – 3 days
  • Rapid Recovery– typical procedure will take approximately 2 hours
  • Fabulous Results– see some of our before and after pictures and comments below

& After

chin-tuck-and-2-mo-post chin-tuck-and-2-mo-post-copy
admin-ajax admin-ajax-after
fat-transfer-before fat-transfer-after

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