Chin Tucks

One problem both men and women share as they age is growing and sagging excess fatty tissues in the chin area. Dr. Connie Hiers chin tuck surgery helps to cut out the fat and tighten your skin. Our chin tuck cosmetic surgery is a simple and safe procedure that involves a small incision and sutures. The location of the incision and suture differs for men and women. Individual Results May Vary.

Chin tuck and 2 mo post

Risks & Procedure

The main risk of having a chin tuck performed is bleeding. A collection of blood, known as a hematoma, may develop. We typically don’t require drains for our chin tucks, but the dressing does apply pressure to the area, which may cause bruising and swelling. It is recommended you do not work for one week after this procedure.

The procedure for our chin tuck includes:

  • Small Incision Made
  • Fatty Tissue Trimmed
  • Wound Closed
  • Use of Sutures
  • Follow-Up Visit

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