Why THERMItight?

Are you bothered by the sagging or loose skin on your body? Eliminate the angst with THERMIght. The minimally invasive treatment will give your skin a tight and smooth appearance.

THERMItight can be used on various parts of the body, like the knees, the lower stomach, the brow, upper arms, face, jowls and neck. Since the THERMItight is non-surgical, the procedure and recovery time are quick.

THERMItight uses the radio frequency heat energy that is precise. The radio frequency travels beneath the skin and is paired with the thermal image. This monitors the effectiveness and the safety of the radio frequency heat energy.

THERMItight will not disrupt your daily routine, after the procedure you can resume to your day-to-day operations. The process only takes a little as one hour.

Before you begin the treatment, a doctor will administer local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Results will begin to show about 3-6 months after the treatment, depending on how the skin reacts. The collagen production will cause the skin to tighten.

Benefits of THERMItight

Listed are the various benefits of skin tightening with THERMItight:

Continued improvement

With THERMItight you will continue to see results for up to several years after treatment. THERMItight does not use traditional knives or incisions like in other procedures. With THERMItight, you will experience long-lasting and dramatic improvements in the overall look and the feel of your skin.

Call Today for a Consultation
If you’re interested in THERMItight, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with our wonderful staff.

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*Individual results may vary.